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The ART of the Follow-UP

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In my opinion, follow-up is one of the most important skills in business; yet it is one of the most butchered skills in business! This is GREAT news, because most people totally annihilate the follow-up process. This means, that when you do the follow-up process well, you will REALLY stand out - not only because you have the highest quality follow-up, but you are also flat out better than your competition. Both of those factors WILL lead to more business for you!

Two men shaking hands following up on a meeting.

There are many ways to follow-up with people, and I will do future blog posts on all the kinds that I personally use. So, for now - KNOW this! Most purchasing decisions are made from the 8th to the 12th follow-up!!!

How many of you are really following up in a high quality, non-spammy, way for 8-12 times to have your prospect purchase something??? I guarantee that not many of you are. 

Stay tuned for more about networking skills and details on follow-up techniques and methods!

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