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You're a confident and committed entrepreneur working 24/7 to create something to better your community. At the same time, you're a human being terrified of your vulnerability. 

What if a customer doesn't pay me?

What if my business fails to comply with a law or regulation?

What if someone sues me?

What if I struggle to get a bank loan?

These concerns are all valid and every single business faces them, but they don't need to overwhelm you. 

Read below to see what we can do for your business!



I’ve met with and spoken to many small business owners and self-employed professionals during my career. I will never claim to be an expert on business ownership, but I've learned a little about what's important. Owning a small business or being self-employed isn't easy. Many businesses fail. In fact, most new business ventures fail.

Money is hard to come by and it never gets easier as you grow and add employees. It's generally difficult to accumulate a healthy savings account and very few can strategically find a way to grow it on their own. Add in any loans and lines of credit for your business and you've got an extra challenge. And if business slows substantially, what kind of stress will you experience knowing you have loans and lines of credit to repay?

Think about retirement. Do you have enough money left over from your cash flow and profit to fund a comfortable retirement? Many self-employed and small business owners don’t save very much for retirement, if anything. 

If you could fund your daily operations, set aside money for large expenditures and emergencies, finance the future growth of your business, and save a substantial tax free amount for retirement, all while operating your business and life on a mostly debt free basis, would you want to learn how?

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Choosing a legal structure, forming the legal entity, and developing employee policies and procedures will provide you with the foundation to start your new business. 

You'll get more than just a law firm in your back pocket. We'll start by setting up a meeting with you to better understand your business goals and what makes you unique. Then we'll determine what legal plan is best suited for your needs. 

What might this plan include?

  • Business Structure Determination 

  • Operating Agreement, Articles of Incorporation, and/or By Laws

  • Employee Policies and Procedures

  • Reviewing of Lease Agreements 

  • Tax Form Explanation

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Every business operates differently. To be successful, a business must define and communicate its values to make sure everyone is on the same page. That is true for employees and customers. Our legal team will work with you to create a high-quality set of operational policies best suited for your businesses. As your business grows, we'll be right there providing you peace of mind that your policies are growing and changing as well. 

What might this plan include?

  • Legal consultation

  • Home Business Supplement

  • Contract review

  • Trial defense representation

  • Vendor Agreements and assistance with Debt Collection 

  • Documentation review

  • Reputation Management

  • Employee Protection

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It's getting harder and harder to attract and retain top talent. One unique way to entice talent to come to your business is by offering a worthwhile benefits package. Our employee membership plan allows you to offer something unique. Offering them peace of mind by ensuring their legal rights are protected for whatever scenario they may be involved in allows them to focus less on personal problems and more on work.

What might this plan include?

  • Access to dedicated legal experts at the push of a button

  • Letters/calls made on your behalf

  • Legal advice and consultation

  • Preparation of Will/Living Will/Power of Attorney

  • Review and feedback on personal legal documents

  • Traffic ticket assistance

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We're online now more than ever. The harsh reality is that your private information can be stolen and business

reputation damaged in an instant. Rather than leaving it up to chance, our team of experts can proactively arm you and your business against cybercriminals and reputation hijackers. You can even stay up to date with your credit score and easily contact licensed private investigators 24/7 through the mobile app or website, allowing you to focus on what matters most, your business.

What might this plan include?

  • Credit Bureau Monitoring

  • Privacy Management & Consultation

  • Public records Monitoring

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Identity Threat Alerts 

  • Internet Dark Web Monitoring

  • Lost Wallet Consultation

  • Unlimited Identity Theft Consultation

  • Financial Account Monitoring

  • Reputation Score

  • Privacy & Reputation Consultation

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"With Patrick's help we have muddled through the rough and time-consuming parts of our Wills. Both Patrick and his legal team have been available to answer the many questions we've had and they've always been pleasant to deal with, easy to quickly reach, and very informative."

—  Crystal S. from Veneta, OR

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