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AMCA Data Breach!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

So here’s the deal… Data breaches happen. They are happening much more frequently

than we would hope and expect! The vast majority of them we never hear about! Today, I’m referencing an article that I read about a data breach affecting 20 MILLION and COUNTING! YIKES!

The main thing to remember about data breaches is that they are out of your control. People tell me all the time, “But Pat!, I keep all of my information secure! I can’t be hacked!” The response to that is that it’s just not true. Hackers these days (generally speaking) aren’t looking to hack into your personal data. They are looking for large amounts of data! If you have ever had a doctor’s appointment, bought anything online, if you have a social security number, drivers license, etc. - you are vulnerable to having your identity compromised! 

In the case of the article I’m referencing today, this data breach went UNDETECTED FOR 8 MONTHS! Absolutely crazy… 

Check out the article by professional IT news source, ZDNet:

It’s more important now than it has ever been to get yourself, your identity, and your family protected from identity theft.

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